"Our mission is to enhance your home....by creating exquisitely detailed and realised pieces..."
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Robert Steer & Company design and make unique staircases, handrails and architectural features. Our mission is to enhance our clients homes or workplaces by creating exquisitely detailed and realised pieces and transform the spaces they sit in.

We combine wood, metal, glass and unusual materials into functional sculpture. We are skilled in managing the interfaces between materials with different characteristics. Exceptional aesthetics and spatial composition are at the centre of our vision.

We are usually commissioned by individuals, architects and contractors who are at the early stages of their project and who are looking for a high standard of design and realisation. Our clients are always delighted with the finished results of our work and regularly tell us that we have exceeded their expectations.

Robert is our creative director and splits his time between designing and making. From a young age he was interested in building design, construction and materials and continued to read architecture and construction at degree level, eventually after spending a decade working in architecture Robert set up a new firm to realise his emerging style. Over several years he has carefully built up a committed team of designers and makers. Each team member chosen for their expertise. Robert works with his team to produce closely coordinated and detailed pieces.

Robert says: “My passion is the design and coordination of ideas and materials to make interesting and well articulated functional pieces for the home and work place. I am particularly enthusiastic about innovative solutions to the design brief that exceed the clients expectations. We come to every new project with an open mind and no pre conceived concept of how we will design each piece. Its exciting to work with clients to find out what they really desire and then to make it for them.”

Good working relationships are essential to a successful project. During the initial stages of a project we discuss our clients aims, budget and requirements to discover common ground, only when we are certain there is synergy between us and the potential client and a successful project is possible do we accept a commission.

Each project is divided into five distinct stages;

Outline and Detail Design
Production Design

Design meetings are held in the clients home or office at convenient times and the design is developed through the presentation of models, samples and images appropriate to the project. Design is actualised through the extensive production information and drawings. All making is carried out in our multi function workshop under Robert's supervision.

Costs to design and make an architectural staircase start at around £15k + vat, balustrading for a flight of stairs from around £4k + vat, other bespoke items can only be costed as the design is developed because of their specialist nature. As it is important to understand how the total cost is built up from the beginning of a project during the early stage we provide a cost plan for the proposal that shows the different quantities of work and materials. This is evolved through the project life cycle being updated monthly to explain what work has been completed and what is remaining so the total expenditure is always visible. Each month the cost plan is issued showing additions and omissions. At the end of the project the cost plan is issued as a final account showing all expenditure.

Materials and how they are detailed are at the core of our work and we have become known for selecting then using those materials in interesting and unusual ways. Although not tied to any particular material, the natural choice for many projects is timber for its warmth, beauty and versatility. We are confident in accepting commissions to use a specific material or combining materials, finishes or working techniques.

We have designed and constructed our multi function workshop ourselves. This is where specialists with different skill sets can work closely together. The flexible nature of the workshop allows us to quickly vary the space to accommodate projects with different constraints. The specialised and precise nature of our work requires tooling and machines that can achieve our aims. Our workshop is equipped by Festool, Veritas, Makita and Record.

If you’d like to know more or have a project you’d like to discuss do please get in touch.
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Tim Webber
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Nov 2018

Robbie is a craftsman who really cares about the quality of this work and importantly is prepared to keep working with the clients to make sure it is really what is wanted - I am quite a particular pe...Read More

Andrew Stringer
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Jul 2017

Robert is a highly skilled technical designer and craftsman. He takes enourmous care to ensure the design, fit and finish of his projects are the best possible. His attention to detail is outstanding....Read More

Relationship: ClientProject Date: Sep 2016

I first contacted Robert having seen his profile on the Houzz website to discuss modifications to my staircase balustrade and handrail. I was very impressed with Robert's design creativity and knowled...Read More

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